Genes on first repeat of Chr 2 duplication

Genes on first repeat of Chr 2 duplication


In strains AX3 and AX4 (the sequenced strain represented in dictyBase), chromosome 2 contains a duplication of approximately 750 kb, in which the region from base 2249563 to 3002134 is repeated between bases 3002337 and 375508. This duplication is not found in AX2.

DDB0185119 rsc11
DDB0167940 rsc11
DDB0167941 JC2V2_0_00897
DDB0167942 JC2V2_0_00898
DDB0167943 JC2V2_0_00899
DDB0202981 JC2V2_0_00900
DDB0167945 JC2V2_0_00901
DDB0167946 JC2V2_0_00902
DDB0167947 geneDDB0231432
DDB0231432 geneDDB0231432
DDB0167948 JC2V2_0_00904
DDB0220441 drnA
DDB0167949 drnA
DDB0167950 JC2V2_0_00906
DDB0217095 JC2V2_0_00907
DDB0217096 JC2V2_0_00908
DDB0167952 JC2V2_0_00909
DDB0167953 JC2V2_0_00910
DDB0167954 JC2V2_0_00911
DDB0167955 JC2V2_0_00912
DDB0167956 JC2V2_0_00913
DDB0167957 cofC
DDB0185192 cofC
DDB0231715 geneDDB0231715
DDB0167958 geneDDB0231715
DDB0167959 JC2V2_0_00916
DDB0167960 JC2V2_0_00917
DDB0216245 cpnB
DDB0202983 cpnB
DDB0202984 JC2V2_0_00919
DDB0202985 JC2V2_0_00920
DDB0167963 3B
DDB0191242 3B
DDB0217097 JC2V2_0_00922
DDB0217098 JC2V2_0_00923
DDB0202990 JC2V2_0_00924
DDB0167967 JC2V2_0_00925
DDB0167968 JC2V2_0_00926
DDB0232048 geneDDB0232048
DDB0217099 geneDDB0232048
DDB0167970 JC2V2_0_00928
DDB0217100 JC2V2_0_00929
DDB0167972 JC2V2_0_00930
DDB0167973 JC2V2_0_00931
DDB0229383 capA
DDB0167974 capA
DDB0185022 capA
DDB0185062 rnrB
DDB0167975 rnrB
DDB0167976 tkt
DDB0231244 tkt
DDB0217101 JC2V2_0_00935
DDB0202992 ksrA
DDB0232044 ksrA
DDB0167979 JC2V2_0_00937
DDB0202993 cnrA
DDB0229858 cnrA
DDB0167981 JC2V2_0_00939
DDB0167982 geneDDB0230050
DDB0230050 geneDDB0230050
DDB0202994 JC2V2_0_00941
DDB0167983 JC2V2_0_00942
DDB0202995 JC2V2_0_00943
DDB0167985 JC2V2_0_00944
DDB0217102 JC2V2_0_00945
DDB0217103 pmtA
DDB0185114 pmtA
DDB0167988 maoB
DDB0231711 maoB
DDB0231712 maoC
DDB0167989 maoC
DDB0167990 geneDDB0231645
DDB0231645 geneDDB0231645
DDB0202997 JC2V2_0_00950
DDB0167992 JC2V2_0_00951
DDB0229953 rpl15
DDB0202998 rpl15
DDB0167994 JC2V2_0_00953
DDB0185109 M4
DDB0167995 M4
DDB0167996 SRP14
DDB0232380 SRP14
DDB0167997 JC2V2_0_00956
DDB0167998 JC2V2_0_00957
DDB0202999 JC2V2_0_00958
DDB0168001 JC2V2_0_00959
DDB0168002 JC2V2_0_00960
DDB0203000 JC2V2_0_00961
DDB0168004 JC2V2_0_00962
DDB0217104 JC2V2_0_00963
DDB0168007 JC2V2_0_00964
DDB0203004 JC2V2_0_00965
DDB0203006 JC2V2_0_00966
DDB0203007 JC2V2_0_00967
DDB0168011 JC2V2_0_00968
DDB0168012 JC2V2_0_00969
DDB0168013 JC2V2_0_00970
DDB0168014 CYP508A2
DDB0232345 CYP508A2
DDB0217105 CYP508A1
DDB0232344 CYP508A1
DDB0217106 CYP508A3
DDB0232351 CYP508A3
DDB0168016 JC2V2_0_00974
DDB0168017 JC2V2_0_00975
DDB0203009 rabF1
DDB0229419 rabF1
DDB0217107 JC2V2_0_00977
DDB0168019 JC2V2_0_00978
DDB0203012 JC2V2_0_00979
DDB0168021 JC2V2_0_00980
DDB0231436 geneDDB0231436
DDB0168022 geneDDB0231436
DDB0168023 JC2V2_0_00982
DDB0168024 dscA
DDB0215400 dscA
DDB0217108 JC2V2_0_00984
DDB0168026 JC2V2_0_00985
DDB0168027 JC2V2_0_00986
DDB0168028 JC2V2_0_00987
DDB0168029 geneDDB0232934
DDB0232934 geneDDB0232934
DDB0168030 JC2V2_0_00989
DDB0168031 JC2V2_0_00990
DDB0168032 irlF
DDB0229362 irlF
DDB0203014 JC2V2_0_00992
DDB0203015 JC2V2_0_00993
DDB0217109 JC2V2_0_00994
DDB0168033 JC2V2_0_00995
DDB0168034 JC2V2_0_00996
DDB0203018 JC2V2_0_00997
DDB0203019 JC2V2_0_00998
DDB0168036 dscD
DDB0220114 dscD
DDB0168037 dscB
DDB0215401 dscB
DDB0203021 JC2V2_0_01001
DDB0217110 JC2V2_0_01002
DDB0217111 JC2V2_0_01003
DDB0217112 JC2V2_0_01004
DDB0185090 CF50
DDB0203023 CF50
DDB0168039 JC2V2_0_01006
DDB0168040 JC2V2_0_01007
DDB0168041 JC2V2_0_01008
DDB0168042 JC2V2_0_01009
DDB0229408 pakH
DDB0168043 pakH
DDB0168044 JC2V2_0_01011
DDB0168045 JC2V2_0_01012
DDB0217113 JC2V2_0_01013
DDB0220009 irlB
DDB0217114 irlB
DDB0168048 JC2V2_0_01015
DDB0168049 JC2V2_0_01016
DDB0168050 JC2V2_0_01017
DDB0217115 JC2V2_0_01018
DDB0217116 JC2V2_0_01019
DDB0203027 JC2V2_0_01020
DDB0168053 JC2V2_0_01021
DDB0217117 fip
DDB0185084 fip
DDB0168056 JC2V2_0_01023
DDB0168057 JC2V2_0_01024
DDB0203029 JC2V2_0_01025
DDB0168059 JC2V2_0_01026
DDB0203031 JC2V2_0_01027
DDB0203032 JC2V2_0_01028
DDB0168062 rsmE
DDB0230014 rsmE
DDB0203034 JC2V2_0_01030
DDB0203035 JC2V2_0_01031
DDB0168064 JC2V2_0_01032
DDB0168065 ptpA1
DDB0185117 ptpA1
DDB0168066 JC2V2_0_01034
DDB0168067 JC2V2_0_01035
DDB0217118 JC2V2_0_01036
DDB0168069 geneDDB0232109
DDB0232109 geneDDB0232109
DDB0168070 JC2V2_0_01038
DDB0185051 ndkC
DDB0168071 ndkC
DDB0168072 JC2V2_0_01040
DDB0168073 JC2V2_0_01041
DDB0168074 JC2V2_0_01042
DDB0217119 JC2V2_0_01043
DDB0203037 JC2V2_0_01044
DDB0203038 JC2V2_0_01045
DDB0168076 JC2V2_0_01046
DDB0168077 JC2V2_0_01047
DDB0168078 geneDDB0231725
DDB0231725 geneDDB0231725
DDB0203039 JC2V2_0_01049
DDB0203041 JC2V2_0_01050
DDB0214901 abcG17
DDB0203042 abcG17
DDB0203043 geneDDB0231336
DDB0231336 geneDDB0231336
DDB0217120 JC2V2_0_01053
DDB0168082 cinD
DDB0191304 cinD
DDB0168083 geneDDB0231337
DDB0231337 geneDDB0231337
DDB0203044 JC2V2_0_01056
DDB0203045 JC2V2_0_01057
DDB0168086 JC2V2_0_01058
DDB0168087 JC2V2_0_01059
DDB0203046 JC2V2_0_01060
DDB0217121 JC2V2_0_01061
DDB0217122 JC2V2_0_01062
DDB0217123 JC2V2_0_01063
DDB0217124 JC2V2_0_01064
DDB0203049 JC2V2_0_01065
DDB0217125 fnkG
DDB0229868 fnkG
DDB0168095 JC2V2_0_01067
DDB0168096 JC2V2_0_01068
DDB0168097 JC2V2_0_01069
DDB0231068 rps30
DDB0168098 rps30
DDB0217126 JC2V2_0_01071
DDB0168100 JC2V2_0_01072
DDB0168101 cak1
DDB0185182 cak1
DDB0168102 geneDDB0231384
DDB0231384 geneDDB0231384
DDB0217127 JC2V2_0_01075
DDB0168104 alyD
DDB0231280 alyD
DDB0168105 JC2V2_0_01077
DDB0168106 geneDDB0232272
DDB0232272 geneDDB0232272
DDB0168107 JC2V2_0_01079
DDB0168108 JC2V2_0_01080
DDB0168109 cdk9
DDB0229428 cdk9
DDB0168110 geneDDB0231693
DDB0231693 geneDDB0231693
DDB0231691 aslD
DDB0168111 aslD
DDB0203053 JC2V2_0_01084
DDB0229916 aslA
DDB0168112 aslA
DDB0217128 JC2V2_0_01086
DDB0168114 aslG
DDB0231696 aslG
DDB0217129 JC2V2_0_01088
DDB0168116 JC2V2_0_01089
DDB0168117 JC2V2_0_01090
DDB0168118 JC2V2_0_01091
DDB0231704 geneDDB0231704
DDB0168119 geneDDB0231704
DDB0231690 aslC
DDB0168120 aslC
DDB0231699 aslI
DDB0168121 aslI
DDB0217130 JC2V2_0_01095
DDB0231701 aslJ
DDB0203058 aslJ
DDB0231702 aslK
DDB0168124 aslK
DDB0217131 aslL
DDB0231703 aslL
DDB0217132 JC2V2_0_01099
DDB0217133 JC2V2_0_01100
DDB0217134 JC2V2_0_01101
DDB0168127 JC2V2_0_01102
DDB0168128 JC2V2_0_01103
DDB0168129 JC2V2_0_01104
DDB0168130 JC2V2_0_01105
DDB0203062 JC2V2_0_01106
DDB0203063 comF
DDB0214838 comF
DDB0217135 JC2V2_0_01108
DDB0168134 JC2V2_0_01109
DDB0217136 JC2V2_0_01110
DDB0168135 JC2V2_0_01111
DDB0168136 JC2V2_0_01112
DDB0168137 vatD
DDB0185227 vatD
DDB0217137 JC2V2_0_01114
DDB0168139 JC2V2_0_01115
DDB0168140 JC2V2_0_01116
DDB0203066 JC2V2_0_01117
DDB0217138 JC2V2_0_01118
DDB0168144 geneDDB0220481
DDB0220481 geneDDB0220481
DDB0217139 JC2V2_0_01120
DDB0168146 fnkD
DDB0231208 fnkD
DDB0231285 zwf
DDB0168147 zwf
DDB0203327 JC2V2_0_01123
DDB0185215 qkgA
DDB0168149 qkgA
DDB0168150 JC2V2_0_01125
DDB0217140 JC2V2_0_01126
DDB0217141 JC2V2_0_01127
DDB0203328 JC2V2_0_01128
DDB0168154 JC2V2_0_01129
DDB0168155 hspE
DDB0185047 hspE
DDB0203331 JC2V2_0_01131
DDB0203332 JC2V2_0_01132
DDB0168158 JC2V2_0_01133
DDB0168159 fpaB
DDB0185043 fpaB
DDB0230089 geneDDB0230089
DDB0217142 geneDDB0230089
DDB0168161 geneDDB0232316
DDB0232316 geneDDB0232316
DDB0168162 JC2V2_0_01137
DDB0168163 JC2V2_0_01138
DDB0217143 geneDDB0232399
DDB0232399 geneDDB0232399
DDB0203334 JC2V2_0_01140
DDB0191354 tenB
DDB0168166 tenB
DDB0168167 JC2V2_0_01142
DDB0168168 JC2V2_0_01143
DDB0168169 JC2V2_0_01144
DDB0217144 JC2V2_0_01145
DDB0217145 geneDDB0220707
DDB0220707 geneDDB0220707
DDB0168172 geneDDB0220708
DDB0220708 geneDDB0220708
DDB0217146 JC2V2_0_01148
DDB0168174 JC2V2_0_01149
DDB0217147 JC2V2_0_01150
DDB0231766 geneDDB0231766
DDB0203341 geneDDB0231766
DDB0168178 JC2V2_0_01152
DDB0203342 JC2V2_0_01153
DDB0217148 JC2V2_0_01154
DDB0168180 geneDDB0232332
DDB0232332 geneDDB0232332
DDB0168181 JC2V2_0_01156
DDB0203344 JC2V2_0_01157
DDB0217149 JC2V2_0_01158
DDB0168183 hspF
DDB0232118 hspF
DDB0217150 JC2V2_0_01160
DDB0217151 dhkI
DDB0231984 dhkI
DDB0217152 JC2V2_0_01162
DDB0168187 JC2V2_0_01163
DDB0203348 atg4
DDB0185148 atg4
DDB0168189 JC2V2_0_01165
DDB0168190 JC2V2_0_01166
DDB0168191 JC2V2_0_01167
DDB0217153 geneDDB0220097
DDB0220097 geneDDB0220097
DDB0217154 JC2V2_0_01169
DDB0203350 JC2V2_0_01170
DDB0168194 JC2V2_0_01171
DDB0217155 JC2V2_0_01172
DDB0191344 MIP1
DDB0168196 MIP1
DDB0185024 carA
DDB0168197 carA
DDB0168198 spkA
DDB0185206 spkA
DDB0168199 JC2V2_0_01176
DDB0168200 JC2V2_0_01177
DDB0168201 TFIIE
DDB0231096 TFIIE
DDB0168202 TFIIE
DDB0168203 rpc25
DDB0216296 rpc25
DDB0168204 JC2V2_0_01181
DDB0203352 JC2V2_0_01182
DDB0201562 abpE
DDB0203353 abpE
DDB0203354 JC2V2_0_01184
DDB0168206 JC2V2_0_01185
DDB0168207 JC2V2_0_01186
DDB0168208 JC2V2_0_01187
DDB0203356 JC2V2_0_01188
DDB0168209 JC2V2_0_01189
DDB0168210 JC2V2_0_01190
DDB0168211 JC2V2_0_01191
DDB0203357 JC2V2_0_01192
DDB0168214 JC2V2_0_01193
DDB0215270 JC2V2_0_01194
DDB0217156 JC2V2_0_01195
DDB0217157 JC2V2_0_01196

December 7, 2005


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