About the Dicty Stock Center

Dicty Stock Center (DSC)

  • In the fall of 2002 the DSC opened at Columbia University in New York City as a repository for Dictyostelium discoideum and other relatives under the direction of Dr. Richard Kessin, and curated by Mr. Jakob Franke.

  • In April 2009, the DSC was relocated to Northwestern University in Chicago under the direction of Dr. Rex Chisholm and managed by Dr. Pascale Gaudet until October 2010 and since then by Petra Fey.

  • The National Institute of Health mandates that we charge for DSC materials. Charges were imposed in August, 2015.

  • Strains are stored frozen in liquid nitrogen as axenic cultures, cells grown on bacterial lawn, or spores recovered from development on bacterial lawn. Storage is in three separate identical tanks, one of which is located in a different building.

  • Plasmids are stored frozen at -80°C in duplicate freezers as transformed bacteria and often as DNA as well (stored at -20°C).

  • The collection is being built by requesting published strains and plasmids. We encourage investigators to send new mutants, natural isolates, and plasmids, once they have been published.

  • Click here for a history of the Stock Center conception.

    For more procedural and technical information, see our Stock Center FAQ page.

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